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Our workplace and offices know they must provide safe spaces for workers and customers. 17 FIVE is at your side to meet and surpass Health Code requirements. Unfortunately, 17 FIVE cannot service every workplace and offices in Southwest Louisiana. If you must work with someone else, we recommend that you require them a written plan of at least three layers of viral protection, including:

1. TOUCH POINT CONTROL. All places people possibly come in contact with must be sanitized or disinfected. This level of control must include surfaces such as countertops, tabletops, faucets, water fountains, doors, door handles/knobs, toilets, urinals, lavatories, walls and floors.

 2. AIR FILTRATION. It is vital that an effective air filtration system be in palce with disinfection. We can significantly minimize the spread of airborne virus and bacteria in your workplace. At 17 FIVE, we use the highest contaiment air filter.

3. LONG-LASTING PROTECTION. Frequent Disinfection is not cost effective. We destroy odor causing bacteria, both gram negative and gram positive. In addition, mold, mildew, fungi, algae and yeast up to 90days

How it Works

Our surface protectant forms an almost permanent bond with the surface substrate.  

A field of carbon shafts protects the
surface from microbes.  

Microbes are drawn to the field of shafts
by the positively charged nitrogen atom.  

The microbe’s cell wall is ruptured by
the shafts.  

A positive charge from the nitrogen atom
delivers a fatal electrical charge to the cell wall of the microbe.  

EPA Registered, FDA Accepted, Non-Toxic and Safe

You want a non-leaching antimicrobial that doesn’t pose the risk of crossing the skin barrier or negatively affect the normal microbial flora of the skin. 

An antimicrobial technology with a proven history of use. 

You want a non-leaching antimicrobial that doesn’t pose the risk of creating adaptive resistant microorganisms or Superbugs. 

Our antimicrobial is registered with the EPA, the EU, and other regulatory agencies. 

Our Air Filter Advantages

The solution to the transmission of the microbes through the HVAC system, with branch multi-room systems, is to prevent them from entering the system in the first place, this is what our filters was designed to do. Our Containment Filter is a new, synthetic media developed and now available. The efficiencies is higher than HEPA, 99.9998% @.1 micron. This is when it was independently tested on virus VFE. This media's main advantage is that unlike old, hard-sided, micro-fine glass HEPA, it is a soft flexible pad with a low static pressure; .17 W.C. @ 125 cfm/sq. ft. For the first time, this allows for HEPA or near HEPA filtration of the return air directly, in any room. This means that now all rooms may be filtered with HEPA or near-HEPA air quality without any reconstruction costs of transforming the HVAC unit, these work on all previously installed units. 

Optional Surface Testing

 For Health compliance in maintaining a safe surface, we offer ATP monitoring, - a rapid testing method
used by food and beverage processors to quickly assess the cleanliness of surfaces or liquid samples from such places as CIP (Clean In Place) systems. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is present in all organic material and is
the universal unit of energy used in all living cells.  

Available for home and commercial service.

Other Great Products

​HAND SANITIZER and Purifier  provides long lasting protection  against germs and bacteria,  stopping the skin-to-skin transfer  of germs. It ​forms a protective  antibacterial barrier on skin that  remains effective through 10  hand washings or up to 24 hours  without reapplication.  

Our LAUNDRY program provides a tool to treat laundry in industrial and home systems. It is the most used antimicrobial in the clothing industry.  It inhibits 99.99% of bacteria on all types of cloth. It greatly increases the level of clean in healthcare settings. 


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